About OpenPOWER Research Facility

OpenPOWER Research Facility aims to encourage and support education and research to OpenPOWER community. The OpenPOWER Research Facility is setup under the aegis of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay at the Systems and Control Engineering group. The Principal Investigator is Prof. Paluri S. V. Nataraj.

This facility is accessible not only to IIT Bombay community but also to other OpenPOWER communities in India.

Prof. Paluri S. V. Nataraj is the recipient of the SUR award for the research entitled: “Development of parallel algorithms and software library for constrained global optimization of polynomial problems using the Bernstein polynomial approach.



Our aim is to develop in this project a complete parallel method for optimization of polynomial constrained global optimization, based on the Bernstein polynomial approach. A software library based on parallel computations will be developed to implement the method. The software library will be extensively tested and validated on several multivariate constrained global optimization problems.


Duration: 2 years


The project is been executed with the help of OpenPOWER research facility described above. Other academicians and researchers are welcome to avail the OpenPOWER Research Facility for their education and research activities. Please contact us for further information.